“Rossana is the first personal trainer I have used, having self trained and competed as an athlete for over ten years.  Her method has created results quickly in both my daily life and competitive arena in all areas…cardio, fat burn, muscle building and core strength.  Most notably, beyond the typical superficial gym style training, her practice is designed to forge a better body alongside your mind…a powerful combination.  She will also leave you informed, including with many exercises that allow you to keep up your practice on our own with or without the aid of machines. Her style and personality make the training fun and easy and the holistic method makes it enriching at a greater scope.” 
Scott R. – Santa Monica, CA

“Fit-Conscious-Happy is fresh each time. Rossana really sees me, as if she designs each session to dislodge some part of me I didn’t know was stuck. It calms the soul and kicks ass – in as much time as driving to the gym and back!” Willow L. – Kansas City, MO

“This was the first class I’ve experienced that integrates yoga, interval cardio work, AND meditation! Oh yeah!”
Kristen C. –  Santa Monica, CA

“ I enjoyed it a lot and got a really good cardio workout, sweating and some meditation slow down time also. Nice blend!” 
Maggie – Santa Monica, CA

“Fit-Conscious-Happy is an amazing experience for mind, body and soul. I would recommend this program for anyone interested in a great work out that is more than just sweaty gym time! The combination of exercise and meditation creates an experience that leaves me with a grounded energy. I am stronger physically and mentally and am encouraged to continue the practice on my own. I encourage everyone to try this wonderful program”
Ria S. – Kansas City, MO

“Feel good! Rossana’s program connects my mind, body and spirit. Over the course of the work out, it leaves me feeling Ahhhhhhhhh…. The combination of yoga, cardio and meditation is perfect!  You feel lifted!” Martin D. – Kansas City, MO

“After completing my 9-week session with Rossana of FitConsciousHappy.com, I found myself needing to relocate to the Midwest for family reasons. When I arrived, I joined the local gym and continued with the specific training she had taught me. The Personal Trainer there offered a free fitness assessment, so I accepted. Once I completed her 45-minute test for strength and endurance, she said to me ‘Wow Erin, you are fit! I haven’t had anyone come through these gym doors in such good shape for at least 6 months, and that person was a 20-something year-old male soldier who was just returning from Iraq!’” Erin J. – New York, NY.

“During my nine-week personal training program with Rossana, I’ve had noticeable changes in my flexibility, cardio respiratory performance and muscle toning. She’s made me push myself beyond my limits, and the benefits have not only been physical, but largely mental. Her calming approach has made me more aware of my body and mind connection. This has helped control stress in my life, which in turn, has helped me sleep better at night. I’ve been able to achieve physical, mental and spiritual goals that I have not been able to achieve with past programs. It’s perfect for someone looking to lose weight, tone-up and decrease stress or anxiety.”  Cecilia O. – Santa Monica, CA