Are you as fit, conscious and happy as you want to be?

In today’s fast paced, wired world, most of us are overwhelmed by work demands, negative thoughts, responsibilities, deadlines and life in general.. Long-term exposure to daily stress affects every part of our being and can lead to serious health problems; both physical and emotional, while keeping unnecessary weight on your body. If you are ready to shift your life for the better, read on…

Fit Conscious Happy is a mind/body workout practice that incorporates Mindfulness meditation with yoga and fitness. It will not only help you live a more conscious and balanced life but, burn calories for two days after one 30-minute workout.*

The Fit Conscious Happy mind/body practice is so much more than just an effective weight loss program, it’s a complete approach to well-being… A way of life, for men, women and children…AND a great way to bond with your family.

Getting started with this integrative approach, blending mind, body and spirit WITH fitness, is easy and you don’t even have to buy a coaching package to work with it.

First, purchase my book, BECOME: Fit Conscious Happy as your guide for the journey. Then follow along with FREE mind/body workouts on my Youtube channel.

If you’d like my guidance on starting a practice, I do provide a free 15 minute consultation by phone. I tailor all coaching packages to each individual client to best suit there likes and goals.

Benefits you can expect from Fit Conscious Happy:

    • A more peaceful and well balanced life
    • Elevates metabolism to burn calories up to 2 days post workout
    • Tones muscle and improve flexibility
    • Improves cardiovascular performance and heart health
    • Increases HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels naturally which keeps us looking young and stimulates lean muscle growth
    • Reduces stress level, blood pressure and brings about a state of relaxation
    • More FUN working out, while learning more about your self in the process

*depends on fitness of individual – case by case


As a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner, Mindfulness Mediation and Sacred Breath Teacher I offer sessions for individuals, couples, small groups or families and offer day or longer glamping retreats on my 5 acre property in Joshua Tree, CA. Contact me for more information.