aboutA true and well-balanced dichotomy, Rossana balances her life between a passion for helping people with Mindfulness Meditation and lifestyle coaching, as well as her creative work as a director, producer, media artist and VJ. She is also a Certified, Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner and a published blogger on Elephant Journal. Her mission is to enlighten and entertain global audiences with media and meditation and usually a hybrid of both.


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Fit Conscious Happy – mission:
What began as a love of fitness and Meditation, became one practice, when she got certified as an AFAA personal trainer and a Mindfulness Meditation teacher in 2009.

Combining fitness with meditation brought results in and out of the gym while managing stress level, boosting the immune system and keeping us happy with all the endorphins mind/body fitness provides.

Endorphins are the brain’s own “feel good” chemicals that are released during exercise and/or meditation and keep stress, depression and anxiety in check.

Using physical fitness combined with Mindfulness Meditation, allows you to experience the physiology of your body, tuning into yourself (and the moment) in a new and profound way.

Come decompress, synthesize mind and body and rediscover your true nature with a practice that will improve and enrich your life (and body!) in so many ways.