Fit Conscious Happy is a step by step plan to actually change your life for the better, using simple, self, life coaching techniques utilizing exercise and Mindfulness Meditation…

At some point we can all get stuck….

Find ourselves in pain, struggling through a transition or just bored, going through the motions of day-to-day life, hoping that something will shake us out of our rut, make us feel alive again. Happy.

But, what is the secret to happiness? How does one attain, manufacture or find it?

The answer is to awaken to it, which is why I named the intro package, Awakening.

Many people are finding and science is proving that the secret to creating and living the life you want is by directing your thoughts, moods and emotions, in the present moment, toward WHAT you want. NOT what you don’t want.

Believe it or not, most people actually spend MORE time thinking about what they DON’T want, than about what they DO want. That’s what you’re doing when you:

  • Worry incessantly
  • Harbor past mistakes or resentments
  • Hold on to things you need to let go of

Here’s the deal: If you think you’re a victim, then that’s what you’ll experience, draw towards you in validation of that belief.

If you keep saying that you’re “broke”, then you’ll stay broke. Like attracts like.

By changing our thoughts, we change our lives. Hiring me as your Lifestyle Coach can help get your life moving again by challenging your perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, and actions and guiding you to a better way of thinking and BEING.

This work happens in the present and can happen rather quickly; most clients need only the intro package to get their lives back on track.

The Awakening – 3 session Lifestyle Coaching package also includes an overview of your lifestyle and fitness regimen. I will help you modify it for maximum results to enhance your life experience and keep you fit, conscious and happy.

A few simple adjustments are the secret to making a world of difference in the quality of your life and the experiences you’re creating and moving towards.

Why do I offer a 3 session lifestyle coaching package for only $179.00? It’s simple…Lifestyle coaching should not have to be an expensive or lengthy process.

I’d like to empower as many people as I can with an affordable, condensed yet 
all-inclusive Lifestyle Coaching package, using simple, life-altering techniques.

You will receive:

3 – One hour Sessions by
 Phone or Skype

Step by Step Guide and Treatment Plan to Actually Focus and SHIFT the Quality of Your Thoughts to Help You Live the Life You Want

TOOLS and SKILLS to Manage Your Life, Emotions and Create Happiness Now

Exercise Assessment and Tips for Maximum Fitness Results

A digital PDF copy of ‘BECOME: 
Fit Conscious Happy’, a guide to Mind/Body Fitness. It has a 5 Star rating on and available as a hard copy or kindle. (Amazon Prime users can download the Kindle version free)

Sessions are NOT in person*, I work with clients all over the world by phone, Skype, Facetime, etc.. (*unless otherwise arranged)

After these 3 sessions, you will know the secret to USING your thoughts, moods and emotions as TOOLS to begin creating the life you want.

Each package is customized to suit your individual needs and GOALS to help you or your loved one reach full potential.  *Teenagers, too.

Ask yourself honestly, are you really living the life you want NOW? I can help you alter your direction and focus to make a happier, healthier, more successful AND peaceful you. Start today.